Air Conditioner Operation, Filters and Air Flow

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Air conditioners are sized to keep the house cool, not cool it after the house is too hot. Set the temperature in the morning when it is cooler and let the air conditioner cycle on and off to keep the temperature at the set point. If you open the windows at night after it is cooler outside than inside, don’t forget to close the windows in the morning and re-set the thermostat

Turning the thermostat lower to 15c will not cool the house any faster than setting it at 21c. Using the furnace on heat or air conditioning without a filter or with a dirty filter can allow dirt to pass through the filter and plug the furnace secondary heat exchanger and or the air conditioning coil. This can cause and expensive repair bill.

The furnace fan needs to move a set amount of air per ton of air conditioning. Operating the furnace with a plugged filter will slow the air flow and can cause the coil to freeze up. Check the filter monthly and change when required.

Most furnace filters are rated in MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value). The most common residential filter is a 1” pleated MERV 6-10. This filter will allow proper air flow with most furnaces. If a higher MERV rating is needed that a 3” or 4” filter rack could be installed to maintain proper air flow. 1” pleated filters available in hardware stores rated in 1200 microns or above can cause air flow problems with most furnaces

If you need high filtration levels contact us to check air flow requirements for your system.


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We will help you select the right comfort solutions for your home:

  • Efficient heating and cooling systems that will increase comfort and help you reduce energy bills
  • Air quality options to improve your indoor comfort
  • Financing available OAC

Preventative Maintenance

With regular maintenance you will prevent small problems from becoming big problems and ensure optimal performance of your comfort system. We offer annual maintenance plans to reduce your costs.

Regular maintenance will save you money by:

  • Lower utility bills
  • Reduce repairs
  • Longer lasting equipment
  • Provide more comfort
  • Protect your warranty


When you need a repair or service, our qualified technicians are factory trained to repair your furnace or air conditioner right the first time.

We stock most parts for Bryant, Carrier, and Payne furnaces and air conditioners, saving you time and money.

To help you control unexpected repair costs, we offer extended warranties on parts and labor.

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Before calling for a heating or cooling emergency service, please use one of the following helpful links. It may prevent a service call or help us diagnose your problem more quickly:

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